Member introduction
K . K                    【 My boom : Guitar 】  
 I was in charge of the programming of the web site.
 It was hard to gather up all the members as a leader of team, but was able to make it happily.The programming was complicated and had a hard time very much.There was sense of accomplishment whenever I cleared a difficult problem.
 I checked a tax and was able to deepen understanding by exchanging an opinion.But I think that there are few people who I understand, and put a tax because the usage of the tax is not understood very much in Japan.
 Our ideal is to realize it when the tax that we pay "is spent for public of our own".
 It may be to be able to contribute to the public to pay a tax.
A . K                    【 My boom : Tennis 】
 I was in charge of the animation of the top page and the making of the tax lesson of the discussion stage.
 I used "Flash" for the first time and, at first, it was difficult, but was able to complete it without accident.It was very hard to be concluded because all the members were individual.However, I was all right because I cooperated in all the members, and one "web" was made.
K . K                    【 My boom : Piano 】
 I was in charge of a design and a puzzle.
 It was difficult to easily rewrite it to be easy to understand the explanation of the tax.The puzzle made it for the first time, but it was good to get along well.
It was good that I could experience that I made Web with this member.
K . Y                   【 My boom : Caramel 】
 I was in charge of a quiz and an interesting tax corner.
 Though the operation of the PC was a weak point, it was supported by everybody and was able to accomplish it.
W . N                【 My boom : Read disregard】
 I was in charge of an illustration.
 I read a handwritten icon, and it was hard to adjust it. In addition, it was difficult to express the structure of the tax with a plain picture. But including the usage of the Photoshop a large number of work with the PC is enabled, and is very good, think that was experienced.
K . O                    【 My boom : Kimchi 】
 I was in charge of a sentence mainly.
 It was hard to compile data, but did my best. It was very fresh to give advice and, on the argument stage, has been enthusiastic carelessly. A thought about the tax deepened and was a significant argument.